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Anyone want to work on a game with me?

2008-03-02 12:49:03 by NICFLIC

If you take the time to check out my games you'll see that I'm a half way decent (although not amazing) flash programmer with no artistic abilities.

I'm working on a puzzle game right now that I'm happy with, but looks like crap. If you'd be interested in doing some art for game, pleas PM me, I'd love to work with someone on this.


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2008-03-02 13:06:35

maybe i could ...


2009-06-20 15:18:08

I do recognize you as a "half way decent... flash programmer." I don't even mind that you dissed my review of your "senator" game. you were jokey, so I gave you a jokey review. you did not get my joke. maybe it was poor joke. but you response was kinda serious. so that's no joke either. you thought I did not know how to use a dictionary. by my keyboard I keep hardback copy of CONCISE OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY. Use it often. I actually am a fair story teller with an enormous amount of facts at my disposal. we could redo the senator game, for example. it looks good [thanks to your flashing talent] and it could provide more branching and genuine interactivity [due to stories and facts I have about just how strange real world Senators can be.] Think it over. I'm not going anywhere.
It could be fun.